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Keeping Insurance Companies Accountable

Insurance Bad Faith

Enforcing the Law on Insurance Companies in Kitsap County

How do know if your insurance company is acting in bad faith? Insurance Companies are prohibited from refusing to pay, delaying a payment, minimizing or low-balling the amount. If they do not willingly pay in a timely manner, then they are considered to be in "bad faith" towards their policyholders. Studies show that 85-95% of all insurance companies are in bad faith (BF) and they repeatedly break the law and try to cheat their insured out of the full repayment that is rightfully owed to them.

There is the FBIC program that was established for one sole purpose, to "Fight Bad-Faith Insurance Companies." They devote their time trying to identify the very few insurance companies out there that still operate in good faith. There are more than one million annual complaints for consumers that are submitted to the state insurance regulators and this outrageous number continues to grow. There are even rallying groups of Americans that try to boycott every BF insurance company so that they will financially suffer and hopefully change their ways.

How Do I Prove I Have Bad Faith Insurance?

To prove that you have bad faith insurance you can use the company’s basis for denying a claim and ignoring evidence proof that shows that policyholder’s basis for making claims. If an insurer fails to reply to a policyholder’s claim, that act of negligence, willful or not, is considered bad faith. For insurance companies to not act in bad faith, insurers must also explain why they refuse to cover a claim or partly cover it.

How Do I File a Bad Faith Claim Against an Insurance Company?

To file a bad faith claim against an insurance company you must follow these steps:

  • Review your insurance contract

  • Keeps logs of your claim

  • Document denial of the claim

  • Make a final demand

  • File a complaint with Florida’s Department of Insurance

  • Launch a bad-faith lawsuit

Kitsap County Bad Faith Insurance Lawyer: Unfair Insurance Practices

The only recourse left for a policyholder to go after their reimbursement is to take their insurance company to court. At Ramirez & Cooper, Inc., we will guide you through every step of bad faith litigation, and protect the rights of you and your family. With a competent and experienced personal injury attorney by your side, we are able to level the playing field. Whether you are a small business or an individual policyholder, you need a hard-hitting lawyer to go up against the powerful insurance industry and fight your battle for you. We are well versed and savvy with personal injury law and our superior legal services go unmatched by any competitor. Our attorneys have the know-how, determination and talent necessary to go after you payment when your insurance company fails to meet their legal obligations as insurers.

Call us today for your initial free, no-risk consultation. Our firm represents clients in Kitsap County, Clallam County and Jefferson County. We only get paid if we retain compensation for you.

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