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Dog Bites

Kitsap County Dog Bite Lawyer

Injured by a vicious dog? Get help from our professional Kitsap County dog bite attorney.

At Ramirez & Walker, Inc., our legal team has the background and record of success you want on your side in a dog bite injury case. Any person who owns a dog can be held responsible for the dog's actions, and should be. An animal that is dangerous that has been left to roam is an extreme danger to those in the area.

Sadly, many dog attacks lead to severe injuries or death, and children are more likely to be attacked than adults. The shorter height of a young child allows a dog to inflict injuries to the head, scalp, neck and upper torso. Dog bite injuries are extremely dangerous, as they are very susceptible to serious infection, and the risk of rabies must also be explored on an immediate basis.

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Knowing How to Effectively Deal with Your Case

If you or someone you love has been bitten by a vicious dog, the costs of medical treatment will be extensive. Ripped skin and muscle tissue, torn ligaments and other damage can be expensive and difficult to treat, as well as:

  • Rabies treatment
  • Plastic surgeries
  • Treating any infection that may have occurred

Tetanus and sepsis can be transmitted to a human from a dog bite, and there are many other possible complications. An estimated one-quarter to one-third of healthy dogs have a bacteria,

Capnocytophaga canimorsus, in their saliva. This is a deadly bacteria that often results in serious complications that are very difficult to treat, and can lead to the need to amputate. Any dog bite should be treated immediately by a qualified physician, even if small, due to the dangers of these bacteria entering the body of the victim.

Pursuing Just Compensation for Your Dog Bite Case

You have the right to seek compensation from a negligent dog owner who has allowed his or her pet to range freely, or even if you are bitten while visiting a friend's home. Our Kitsap County dog bite lawyer will protect your right to the compensation you deserve, including pain and suffering. Contact us for more information.

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